5 thoughts on “Battle of the Bands (week 2)

  1. Ciao Luca,
    the Battle of the Bands is an interesting project. To prefer the Beatles or the Stones was probably one of the most difficult decisions i had to make in my whole life. I mean, this is like to sacrifice someone 😉 Damn…
    But Oasis or Blur was easy. Come on, you can not compare them. Blur is okay but they weren’t half as good as Oasis. It’s like to compare Danny de Vito (Blur) with Robert de Niro (Oasis). So this is obvious. Oasis is the winner.

    1. I respect your thought, but honestly I do absolutely not agree with you: Blur gives me much more than just some melodic, Beatles-inspired tune… Think about it, Damon Albarn & Co gave us much more innovation and new sounds, than the Gallagher brothers have!
      If you want a comparison, to me Blur is more like Al Pacino, whom, despite the fact that I appreciate De Niro a lot, I consider a more complete actor than the latter one, because of the fact that in his career he chose a lot of different roles, instead of playing the usual Italo-American gangster thing over and over again! 😉

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