13 thoughts on “Battle of the Bands (week 4)

      1. I know you’re a great fan of The Doors… but I stole the “Who’s Better, Who’s Best” CD from my father when I was a teenager and still listen to it… ;-))

        1. I know, this one was the hardest decision for me as well, so far… the Who where such a great rock band and gifted songwriters, a very unique mix of talent and creativity! Just like the Doors, in fact… 🙂

    1. Hi, Masse, thanks for your feedback! I agree with you, but you should definitely check out the Who’s music, one of the greatest rock bands ever!! 😉

        1. I know it was a wordplay, I just wanted to say that the Who were a great band, too! Never mind about your English, go on like this, you are doing a great job!! 😉 I am pleased to help you improve your language skills!

  1. Thank you skyly for your help, my goal is to speak an easy english beacause in october i’m leaving for united states!!!
    talking about to the battle of bands again…i promise that i’m going to listen some Who’s song….Do you want advise me any?

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