Battle of the Bands (week 6)

Cheers folks, this is a Monday Battle of the Bands poll… and this week the choice is between two of the most popular, actually maybe THE most popular bands of the ’90s. We already had the Beatles against the Rolling Stones, the Who competing against the Doors, Blur vs. Oasis etc. and with this one we will be getting one step closer to “our Top 10 Bands of All Times“!

3 thoughts on “Battle of the Bands (week 6)

  1. Battle of the Bands on MONDAY! What’s up? Like this it’s seems the week-end is coming now… you confuse me!
    For me, this battle is really easy, there is no doubt: Pearl Jam! They are part of the Music-History -and still today! Nirvana are only some records of the high school’s time.. but this music is not for me.
    Great Eddie Vedder!!!!!

    1. 🙂
      I know, but you see it wouldn’t be a battle if you’d let compete Led Zep against Bon Jovi, for instance… would it?

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