our Top 10 Bands of All Times

Abbey Road album cover

Hi there and welcome back to your Top 10 Blog! It’s been a while since last time and actually I was hoping to have some more votes for our Top 10 List, but nevertheless your preferences helped me to determine a ranking in “our Top 10 Bands of All Times”. Many of you won’t be surprised by the outcome, neither am I, yet it is still interesting to see, isn’t it?

our Top 10 Bands of All Times:

1. The Beatles

2. Pink Floyd

3. Queen

4. Led Zeppelin

5. Pearl Jam

– The Doors

– R.E.M.

6. The Police

– Red Hot Chili Peppers

– Oasis

Thanks for your participation!

4 thoughts on “our Top 10 Bands of All Times

    1. I totally agree: the more and more I listen to music, I realize that you can hardly find a melody, a riff, a break and most simply a song that the Beatles haven’t done already… So, absolutely The Beatles!!!

      By the way, welcome and nice to read you! 🙂

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