skylyro’s Top 5 Eddie Vedder Duets

Pictures of Eddie Vedder

Pictures of Eddie Vedder

Cheers folks, it’s been quite a while since my last post, and I’m really happy to be here, writing this year’s first post – apart from last year’s review… At first, I had a different topic on my mind, but as I stumbled upon some video, I just had to make these my next blog post. Obviously, I knew that Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam as a whole had appeared on stage with many artists throughout the years, and some of these performances I had already seen and heard before, but I was so surprised by the many of them I found! Eddie Vedder, whom I probably consider my favorite singer, duetting with some of the most extraordinary artists and musicians of past and present… and this is skylyro’s Top 5 Eddie Vedder Duets:

1. Pearl Jam with Chris Cornell – Hunger Strike: two of the finest voices rock has produced in the last decades meet again to perform this song that originally was contained in a project that involved members of PJ and Soundgarden back in 1991, Temple of the Dog.

2. Eddie Vedder with Pete Townsend – Betterman: Eddie isn’t only a great frontman for a rockband, but he also is a one-of-a-kind solo performer. When he plays in front of an audience, only backed by his guitar, he conveys incredible power and his incredible voice gives the words of his songs even more relevance. In this case he is backed by the Who-legend’s electric guitar. Enjoy!

3. Eddie Vedder with Johnny Depp – Society: same as before, Eddie is an amazing solo artist, as well as the incomparable frontman of rock giant Pearl Jam! I dont’t dislike Johnny Depp’s guitar strumming, neither…

4. Eddie Vedder with Bruce Springsteen – Betterman: yep, another version of that song… this time the Boss and his band, presumably the E-Street Band, make it somehow different. The sax solo towards the end of the song is beautiful!

5. Eddie Vedder performing with The Doors – Roadhouse Blues: unbelievable, Eddie performing with The Doors and singing the songs of my Jim Morrison, the hero of my entire youth! This gig is a little older, I know, but it gives me goosebumps every time I watch it… there are more songs to stream from that same show, including Light My Fire and Break on Through. Check it out!

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