skylyro’s Top 5 Albums of 2011

dEUS, Keep You Close

dEUS, Keep You Close

Hey guys, welcome back to another Top 5! This time I thought of my favorite albums of the past year and tried to come up with my Top 5 Albums of 2011. I have to admit that my musical spectrum is quite restricted in these last years, but still, I believe there where a few interesting publications last year, as well. I have picked 5, but feel free to propose your favorite albums in 2011!

1. Keep You Close – dEUS: some people prefer the older albums, some the newer ones, and I more or less like them all! dEUS is an amazing band, always innovative, always great!!! To me, dEUS are probably producing Continental Europe’s best music!
2. Wasting Light – Foo Fighters: you only needed to listen to Rope, in order to know that this would be another excellent album of one of America’s leading rock bands! Foo Fighters are never deceiving.
3. The King Of Limbs – Radiohead: hard for me to say this Radiohead album could come close to its predecessor, but I wouldn’t even dare to pretend that… InRainbows is one of the greatest albums ever! The King of Limbs is a good album.
4. Bad As Me – Tom Waits: Tom Waits, what else?
5. As When The Fall Leaves Trees – YOUAREHERE: these three guys from Italy got together to melt the best of the music they were performing as solo artists into a veritable piece of art. With As When The Fall Leaves Trees, French Teen Idol, edPorth and micro, eventually known as YAH, lead you into their world of sounds… Enjoy!

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  1. Great top 5 2011, was looking for some inspiration for new music to download and listen to. Will have some excellent playlists to listen to like back in the day….

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