skylyro’s Top 5 Rugby Spots

Lions Tour_O'Driscoll Call 99

As far as I can remember, TV spots advertising rugby events, or TV ads dealing with rugby have always been among the funniest around. This year, when the spot was launched to promote the 2013 Lions Tour in Australia and they came up with the brilliantly hilarious Master&Commander-Bounty-style commercial, I started to think about other Rugby Spots I had liked in the past. So, here they are, skylyro’s Favorite Rugby Spots:

1. Last Man Standing:

to me, this one was the greatest! Simple, funny and engaging: great job from the Adidas marketing division!

2. Lions Tour 2013:

as I said before, the Lions Tour 2013 commercial is entertainment at its finest! Imagining the Lions on a vessel on their way to conquer Oceania and Brian O’Driscoll getting the “call 99”, fantastic!! Must have been directed by Peter Weir himself…

3. Puma Shower:

maybe that’s only simple schoolboy-humor, but still it makes me laugh…

4. Scottish Haka:

ever since Braveheart came out, the Scottish answer to any defiance is always the same, but pretty effective, though!

5. Rugby On Your Mind:

that one is dedicated to all of us, who can’t avoid thinking of one and the same thing, day in and day out… can you figure out?

Please, feel free to suggest any other Rugby Spots I forgot or do not know, I will be glad publishing them into a new post!

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