saluzzi’s Top 10 Reasons Why He Prefers Vinyl

vinyl record player

Some weeks ago, my dear friend Mr. SHRC posted an article to his blog, making a list of 10 reasons why he loves vinyl rather than any other support, or the sound of a digital file streamed on the Internet. I found it a great idea and thought it was a petty not to have it for an English audience, so I just translated it for you. You may find the original article here: 10 motivi per cui preferisco i Vinili

I like vinyl because:

1) Because I can go to places like these

Mr. SHRC vinyl hunting

and meet people who have the same passion

2) Because I CANNOT listen to them this way


or with these ones

computer speakers

but I have to listen to them like that

woman sitting on stereo system playing a vinyl

perhaps it is a bit less practical, but I can guarantee you that it’s a completely different story!


3) Because they have huge covers that make me fly with my imagination

Yes, Roger Dean, LP


4) For a turntable that plays reminds me of when I was a child

a picknicking family of the 60ies listening to music


5) Because there are picture discs and colored vinyl (Wow!)

colored vinyl discs on window


6) For each market, cellar, an old uncle’s house, or any other dusty place could hide your next treasure trove

old box with records

(and you know what a great blog post that would make, don’t you?!!)


7) Because when the needle drops on the disk and makes that noise, followed by two or three pops, I know there’s is going to be great music playing

turning vinyl disc_animation


8) Because every now and then time comes to put them in place and when I have them in my hands, each of them tells a story and reminds me of a lot of memories

man looking at pink floyd album


9) Because digging in boxes of 3€ vinyl discs without knowing what I will find is priceless!

digging in vinyl LPs


10) Because when I put on a vinyl, I spend 40 minutes listening to good music,
maybe looking at the cover, having a conversation with someone, or maybe making love;

in short, I’m alive!

couple dancing to vinyl

On the contrary, when I have Spotify running in the background, I spend 4 hours playing Animal farm or surfing useless websites and then go to bed dazed and wondering: “What have I done during the last 4 hours?”


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