Saluzzi’s Top 5 Prog Rock Trios

Jimi Hendrix and The Soft Machine

Jimi Hendrix and The Soft Machine

In thanking you, Mr. SHRC, for suggesting us your Favorite Power Trios I extend the invitation to everyone who wants to contribute to skylyro’s Top 10 Blog to submit their list of favorite artists, albums, songs etc: be it a Top 5, a Top Ten, Top 20 or whatever, I will be glad to publish it!

skylyro proudly presents:

SHRC’s favorite Prog Rock Power Trios

1. Soft Machine
2. Le Orme
3. Emerson, Lake and Palmer
4. Trace
5. Rush

One thought on “Saluzzi’s Top 5 Prog Rock Trios

  1. Thanks for posting skylyro.
    Remains only one band that is not listed in your ranking nor in mine but should be present in all Trios rankings:
    THE CREAM!!!

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