skylyro’s Top 5 Rugby Commercials

skylyro's Top 5 Rugby Ads

Since posting my last Top 5 Rugby Spots, I stumbled upon quite a few other rugby commercials and thought of sharing some of the most exhilarating with you. Well, here’s a brand new Top 5 with some of the best rugby ads ever:

1. This ain’t football, or Better choose rugby if you do not care about your hair cut:

words couldn’t tell it better than this… Rugby is not a sport for whiners!

2. Don’t mess with the Pumas:

Will the Pumas be able to restore the course of nature? With the Argentinian win over the Wallabies, who knows if the Boks will return to be the prey in a near future…?

3. Brazilian Rugby, or How to be better than the rest:

Why Brazilian rugby is better than Argentinian rugby explained. You better not believe in stats, guys! 🙂

4. Welsh Rugby during the Roman Empire, or When “Crouch-Bind-Set” was “Incurvemini-Veni-Pone“:

I always knew, the Romans were the inventors and predecessors of all our modern acquisitions, but that this involved scrummaging is a very recent finding for me!

5. Ireland vs NZ, or How to distroy your All Black car in 2 minutes:

A very funny one by Japanese car builder Toyota.

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