skylyro’s Top 5 Things Grownups Should Not Do In Public



Provided that the topic I am talking about in this post is absolutely subjective and a mere provocation, I am fully conviced of the fact that there are certain things and habits that are perfectly fine when you are a kid or a teen, but leave me a little perplex when I see adults doing them:

1. Killing time playing puzzle bubble

or the likes on your tablet or smartphone while on public transports: there must be something more interesting to do on your 400$ + mobile device then playing stupid games on it! Read an e-book – if you don’t like carrying “old-fashioned” paperbacks with you -, check the latest news or sports updates, search the web for your next holiday destination, gather information on how to do this or that, for which you usually never find the time for, browse you favorite cooking and recipe blogs and websites in order to get inspiration for tonight’s dinner, your partner and kids will appreciate… There must be something more useful to do with your 4G ultramega-fast mobile bandwidth rather than playing with a tiny application you have probably even paid for and waisted money on?!!

2. “Reading” comic books in public

for example on a bus, a train and on public transports in general. When I see even older people deeply rapt by some manga strip, or other weird comics, it gives me a sense of sadness… Let it be clear, they do no wrong! I prefer people stare at drawings rather than reading The Sun, or the likes, but still, it always makes me wonder what society has brought us to… Is it really possible that there is absolutely no type of proper literature these people might be interested in? I mean, I don’t want everybody to read Dostoyevsky, Freud, Goethe, Zola, or the Divine Comedy, but nowadays there are books of any kind about nearly everything: love soccer? Read Fever Pitch, or Eric Cantona’s biography… You are fond of crop circles, orchids or railway modelling? I bet there is tons of literature about it out there! Maybe I just saw these comics-reading people in the wrong moment, maybe they were reading Pasternak the day before… Maybe… But the thought persists!

3. Loudly talking on the phone

in public places and transports: people simply do not care about your business, since you are a complete stranger to them! I do not care about what he or she said to you, what you ate for lunch the day before, how gorgeous you look in your new fancy designer dress, how you like or dislike your new haircut, I do not care about your political views, your comments about the upcoming sports events etc. Again, it is perfectly fine if you want to share your thoughts, ideas and moods with somebody, but avoid annoying harmless 3rd party persons with your penetrating discussions, because other people for sure are not interested, especially not at 7 in the morning on a crowded bus, for example. School boys and girls do that, because they are carelessly naive and still unaware of their real presence within society.

4. Coughing out without putting a hand before the mouth:

when in public, be it in an office, a waiting room, or a crowded bus at peak time in the morning, please avoid doing that! People do not want your flu or whatever viruses you are incubating!! Besides being a form hygiene, coughing in your hands is also a form of politeness and good education, as well as one of those unwritten codes that rule civil coexistence. Kids are taught to properly put their hands before their mouth from their early years, and they probably follow this rule better than many many adults I happen to travel with day in day out…

5. Smoking where it is not allowed

at the train station, for example: I understand you just got off a 2-hour non-smoking train ride, and that is why it makes exactly no difference waiting another 2 minutes to get out of the station in order to light your damn cigarette. I can assure you, smokers, that it is no fun to walk by and through clouds of cigarette smoke early in the morning just to make your way out of the train station. It is a shame nobody really complains about it! Again, 16 years old kids do that, but usually their typical rush prevents them from having a clear vision and perception of the situations that surround them.

2 thoughts on “skylyro’s Top 5 Things Grownups Should Not Do In Public

  1. Hi Skylyro, the new “look” of your blog is very good!
    On the train in the morning i read books on my smartphone so people don’t know that i’m reading old Comic Books 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot, Mr SHRC, glad you like the new look!
      I know you do read comic books, but at least you don’t do it in public! 😉

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