Top 5 Albums of 2016

Calcutta - Frosinone

Et voilà, time has come again for me to serve you my annual album review (click to see 2015)! Loads of new albums have been released this year: the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who had an excellent come back – let’s say – with the Getaway; Dinosaur Jr.‘s Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not is a great guitar rock album!; Green Day‘s Revolution Radio, which sounds like a classic rock album with punk chords; Weezer‘s self-titled White Album, which sounds like the Blue Album 25 years later, only losing all of its freshness; Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals with a pretty self-explicatory album “Call It What It Is“, the usual Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals album; Blink-182 with California, one of those albums I have not listened to, but apparently it has been praised by many; Richard Ashcroft‘s These People, which sounds like Coldplay and sometimes feels like an unsuccessful imitation of Damon Albarn‘s Everyday Robots; Suede with Night Thoughts, no thoughts on this yet; Massive Attack with Ritual Spirit, a 4-track EP that hasn’t caught my attention; Conor Oberst‘s Ruminations, which in my humble opinion does not reach the hights his Bright Eyes project had reached somewhat about a decade ago; The 1975 with I like it when you sleep for… not bad: great, very impressive Peter Gabriel-style sound, though not my kind of cup; Van Morrison extended his already impressive repertoire with Keep Me Singing; Tricky released Skilled Mechanics; Theo Croker published Escape Velocity, an amazing Acid Jazz album; Metallica released Hardwired…to Self-Destruct, which is condensed rock and roll like only these guys and the late Lemmy could produce! Last AND least, the self-proclaimed best band in the world, the Kings of Leon, have released WALLS: except from Waste a Moment, which is a classic KoL song, like we have been used to appreciate on their previous works, not to speak of the Around the World single, which sounds like Cindy Lauper meeting Coldplay at a Puff Daddy pool party, the album itself is not going to integrate my collection.

Well, as I said, I might not have listened to all of this year’s releases and I’m sure there must have been great albums I have not had the chance to listen to yet, but I have my preferences anyway and these are the Top 5 Albums that made the cut, even though there are a few more out this year that are worth listening… or not!

And here are skylyro’s Top 5 Albums of 2016!


The Last Shadow Puppets - Everything You've Come to Expect

  1. The Last Shadow Puppets – Everything You’ve Come to Expect: my favourite album of 2016! It reminds me of dEUS and the Arctic Monkeys of course, with some James Bond kind of atmosphere.
  2. TaxiWarsFever: Tom Barman’s latest project is a good one! To put it simple, it sounds like dEUS jazz-style. You may also enjoy their previous self-titled album from last year with amazing songs like Death Ride Through Wet Snow somehow remenicening dEUS debut album Worst Case Scenario.
  3. Leonard CohenYou Want It Darker: what can I see, the anticipated farewell album of one of folk and popular music’s greatest representatives. A very dark yet captivating album with catchy Cohen-style melodies.
  4. RadioheadA moon shaped pool: I often do not agree with the Rolling Stone magazine, but this time I think their description of the latest Radiohead album really fits. “Radiohead give us one of their most musically and emotionally arresting albums, full of low-flying panic attacks and gorgeous orchestration.” Listening to a new Radiohead album, you would not expect any Muse-like stadium anthems anyway, would you?
  5. Sting – 57th & 9th: actually, I am not 100% convinced about this and quite frankly it is rather to please my friend and Nixon frontman, who affirms that this is a fucking good rock album… I still do prefer Sting’s musical soundtrack and masterpiece The Last Ship! Yet, with the benefit of doubt and thanks to a few great songs like Petrol Head, I herewith want to grant this album access to my favorite albums of the year!


A special mention for my Italian friends and followers: Calcutta with Mainstream, by far the album I have listened to most this year, as well as Niccolò Fabi‘s Una somma di piccole cose.


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  1. Calcutta was a blast this year. I was sceptical, but the guy is talented and gained my respect. I am gonna miss Cohen a lot. Thanks for the tips

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