Best Rugby Mannequin Challenges

Mannequin Challenge collection by World Rugby

With the year 2016 finally being over, some of the Best Moments it has left are definitely the Mannequin Challenges from all over the world. And the Rugby Movement has produced some of the Best Mannequin Challenges, starring even the mighty All Blacks while sightseeing in the Eternal City of Rome: such a shame they didn’t make it to Ladispoli for a little Beach Rugby with me and my buddy Marco Cavicchia… 🙂 Other major teams did well too, as well as minor teams at their grounds, club houses etc., boys and girls alike… Well, to make it brief, here come 5 of the Best Rugby Mannequin Challenges out there:

All Blacks Mannequin Challenge @ Pantheon

Perpignan’s Mannequin Challenge at the Official USAP Store

Rugby’s Mannequin Challenge by World Rugby – #MyRugbyMoment

RC.BAL #MannequinChallenge

Les Roclettes Mannequin Challenge

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