Spin, Reuse, Recycle

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How vinyl records became daily life objects

Recycling is the idea behind this project, which was born a few years ago. I was looking forward to resuming my bass playing, so I decided to build a bass myself from scratch out of recovery woods and material. Yet, in the end I needed a pickguard for it and as I was looking around for some idea, I thought of some vinyl records of mine, which were extremely damaged.

I am often told that it is a pity to damage these records, but in fact I do not harm any vinyl records that could still be worth listening. Oftentimes, the records come from moisty cellars and I clean them and reuse them in a different way, offering them a new life through a different shape.

When possible, I give them a spin on my record player before using them, so that they can play one last time.
All this is behind Skylyro.com as well as a lot of passion for handicraft and especially for music.

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