saluzzi’s Top 10 Reasons Why He Prefers Vinyl

Some weeks ago, my dear friend Mr. SHRC posted an article to his blog, making a list of 10 reasons why he loves vinyl rather than any other support, or the sound of a digital file streamed on the Internet. I found it a great idea and thought it was a petty not to haveContinue reading “saluzzi’s Top 10 Reasons Why He Prefers Vinyl”

skylyro’s Favorite Music Albums For Jogging

And again, this is a selection of some of my favorite music albums that keep me company while I am jogging… What I like about listening to albums in general and especially while running, rather than listening to compilations of songs, is that behind a music album there is a concept and as such itContinue reading “skylyro’s Favorite Music Albums For Jogging”

skylyro’s Top 10 Jogging Albums (Reprise)

Hi folks, good to have you on again! If you haven’t visited the site for a while, you might have noticed that it has undergone some changes, a facelift, a new Top 10 Posts structure, as well as some new features should now improve it graphically and from a user perspective point of view. More thanContinue reading “skylyro’s Top 10 Jogging Albums (Reprise)”

Top 10 Celebrity Moments in Hotels

  Beatings and an excess of alcohol: when it comes to staying in a hotel, celebrities behave like the proverbial bull in a china shop. The managers of some luxury hotels can tell us a thing or two about that. These are ten sensational cases of bad behaviour by celebrity guests put together by leadingContinue reading “Top 10 Celebrity Moments in Hotels”

skylyro’s Top 10 Rock Voices

Hi there, and welcome back to another one of skylyro’s Top 10 posts! This week I’d like to introduce you to my favorite Rock Voices of all time, and I’d love to know what you think about and who your favorite Rock singers are. Looking forward to reading your feedback, enjoy!   1. Jeff BuckleyContinue reading “skylyro’s Top 10 Rock Voices”

our Top 10 Bands of All Times

Hi there and welcome back to your Top 10 Blog! It’s been a while since last time and actually I was hoping to have some more votes for our Top 10 List, but nevertheless your preferences helped me to determine a ranking in “our Top 10 Bands of All Times”. Many of you won’t beContinue reading “our Top 10 Bands of All Times”

Battle of the Bands – The Reckoning

Hey folks, finally we are at the last episode of “our Top 10 Bands of All Times”… we have already chosen the 10 bands that will be part of this list, now we only have to determine the order: just pick one band, the final number of votes will determine the ranking!  

Battle of the Bands (week 7 / episode 9)

Hello my fellow followers and thank you for the 5000 page views in the first 2 months of existence! Here we are with the second last Battle of the Bands poll. Next week, we will choose the 10th and last band that will complete  “our Top 10 Bands of All Times”! For the last butContinue reading “Battle of the Bands (week 7 / episode 9)”