saluzzi’s Top 10 Reasons Why He Prefers Vinyl

Some weeks ago, my dear friend Mr. SHRC posted an article to his blog, making a list of 10 reasons why he loves vinyl rather than any other support, or the sound of a digital file streamed on the Internet. I found it a great idea and thought it was a petty not to haveContinue reading “saluzzi’s Top 10 Reasons Why He Prefers Vinyl”

skylyro’s Fan Lists (Chris)

Hello again, my friends! First of all I’d like to thank you for the 4,559 page visits we had in just 1 month: that is a pretty fair result for a small and brand new blog like this! skylyro’s Blog definitely needs you in order to work and with the occasion, I’d like to postContinue reading “skylyro’s Fan Lists (Chris)”