skylyro’s Favorite Music Albums For Jogging

And again, this is a selection of some of my favorite music albums that keep me company while I am jogging… What I like about listening to albums in general and especially while running, rather than listening to compilations of songs, is that behind a music album there is a concept and as such itContinue reading “skylyro’s Favorite Music Albums For Jogging”

skylyro’s Top 10 Jogging Albums (Reprise)

Hi folks, good to have you on again! If you haven’t visited the site for a while, you might have noticed that it has undergone some changes, a facelift, a new Top 10 Posts structure, as well as some new features should now improve it graphically and from a user perspective point of view. More thanContinue reading “skylyro’s Top 10 Jogging Albums (Reprise)”

skylyro’s Top 10 Jogging Albums

Hey there! This week I’d like to share with you my favorite albums when it comes to jogging.  In order to keep in shape, many of us go jogging in their spare time, or on the weekend, and most of us have at least tried once in their lifetime. Well, let’s be frank, the firstContinue reading “skylyro’s Top 10 Jogging Albums”