our Top 10 Bands of All Times

Hi there and welcome back to your Top 10 Blog! It’s been a while since last time and actually I was hoping to have some more votes for our Top 10 List, but nevertheless your preferences helped me to determine a ranking in “our Top 10 Bands of All Times”. Many of you won’t beContinue reading “our Top 10 Bands of All Times”

Battle of the Bands – The Reckoning

Hey folks, finally we are at the last episode of “our Top 10 Bands of All Times”… we have already chosen the 10 bands that will be part of this list, now we only have to determine the order: just pick one band, the final number of votes will determine the ranking!  

Battle of the Bands (week 7 / episode 9)

Hello my fellow followers and thank you for the 5000 page views in the first 2 months of existence! Here we are with the second last Battle of the Bands poll. Next week, we will choose the 10th and last band that will complete  “our Top 10 Bands of All Times”! For the last butContinue reading “Battle of the Bands (week 7 / episode 9)”

Battle of the Bands (week 6 / episode 7)

Welcome to this week’s second Battle of the Bands poll! On Monday, we had to choose between Nirvana and PJ, two of the bands that most of all have influenced the 90’s music until today…! This time, our choice has to fall on one of the two most important bands of the 80’s and weContinue reading “Battle of the Bands (week 6 / episode 7)”

Battle of the Bands (week 6)

Cheers folks, this is a Monday Battle of the Bands poll… and this week the choice is between two of the most popular, actually maybe THE most popular bands of the ’90s. We already had the Beatles against the Rolling Stones, the Who competing against the Doors, Blur vs. Oasis etc. and with this oneContinue reading “Battle of the Bands (week 6)”