skylyro’s Top 5 Albums of 2013, so far

So far, but I guess there is nothing relevant coming out these last days of December, I have defined my preferences for this year’s music albums: compared to other previous years it looked like a pretty fruitful one, with many bands publishing new albums, such as KOL, PJ, Turin Brakes and Artic Monkeys, and majorContinue reading “skylyro’s Top 5 Albums of 2013, so far”

skylyro’s Favorite Music Albums For Jogging

And again, this is a selection of some of my favorite music albums that keep me company while I am jogging… What I like about listening to albums in general and especially while running, rather than listening to compilations of songs, is that behind a music album there is a concept and as such itContinue reading “skylyro’s Favorite Music Albums For Jogging”